Thursday, May 7, 2015

My Favorite and Least Favorite Entries in Mindy Kaling's Book

I bought "Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns)" when I was in Austin and knew I would have a fair amount of down time; I had an interest in the book for quite awhile but was previously unable to justify spending the money to own it as I always have a stack of books that I'm in the middle of reading and/or have already purchased and 'really should get around to reading.'
Anyways, the opportunity finally came for me to delve into some fun, and funny, reading!

I really enjoyed the book. It was easy to get through - something I really needed since my attention span was not at its best. 
Incidentally, both my favorite and least favorite entries in Kaling's book were in the same section:  "The Best Distraction in the World:  Romance and Guys." 
First came the least favorite: 

In ITALICS it reads "At that time I remember thinking, I just want to meet a guy who has not been, at one point in his life, diagnosed with clinical depression.That was my only criterion."
Wow. Really? Do a lot of people think this? Way to make a parade out of the stigma of mental health. But then I had to realize that this book is categorized as Humor and Kaling PROBABLY didn't feel as strongly about depression as it came off to me. Surely, this is not a general criterion for the generaly population when dating. Everyone is different and has different experiences, blah, blah, blah.

Now for the fun part!!!

First of all the fact that Kaling had the genius to write a section with this title - it's amazing! And it's so true (at least to me)! You may or may not have noticed, but I have a crush on Hozier - you know, the guy who sings Take Me to Church (seriously listen to the rest of his album though because it is AMAzing). So the reason I brought up Hozier is because he generally has some chest hair showing when making public appearances of all sorts. The timing of coming across this was extraordinary because my main purpose for making the pilgrimage to Austin was to see Hozier perform live! Don't you see! It's all a sign! I have no idea what the sign is or what it represents, but you don't turn a sign down when you know you have come across one.

My point in writing this piece: 1) To get back in to the swing of writing; I have had a lot of ideas but have been reluctant to give them any kind of reality or being. 2) To recommend Kaling's book to all who like to laugh and/or need a break from serious reading - I know you crazy college kids are having to deal with finals right about now.

So even if you hated this blog piece, go pick up a book! It's good for you!

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