Wednesday, July 6, 2016


I wasn’t warned when I began wearing contacts in the eighth grade to avoid crying while wearing them. Like most things in life, I had to learn that lesson on my own.

It wasn’t until I was working a part-time job in 2013, and I was on the phone with my therapist, crying, during a break in my shift, that (with my therapist’s suggestion) I bought a spare contact lens case and a small bottle of contact lens solution to keep in my car for situations just like this.

For when I unexpectedly begin to cry and the tears are so overwhelming that my vision becomes blurred and the contacts, which are supposed to correct my vision, simply become a hindrance.

I had been warned not to sleep in my contacts (apparently this is a common haphazard), but apparently it’s not so common to sob while wearing your contacts – at least not enough that your doctor gives you fair warning about it.

Just another omittance because the mental health field is not taken into consideration in the broad scope of things.

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