Sunday, April 9, 2017

The Dangers of a Used Book Sale

I intended to publish this post this past Thursday, 4/6, so y'all would also know about this book sale, but that didn’t happen. At the moment, I can’t remember why. Anyways….

The Friends of the Carrollton Library had a used book sale this past Friday and Saturday beginning at 10 am.

I was looking forward to this.

I had my annual appointment with my optometrist scheduled for 9 am Friday and planned to head to the book sale immediately after. My appointment didn’t take long, due in part to the fact that I take Klonopin daily, so my pupils were already dilated.

I arrived at the library to find a pretty long line already formed. It was around 9:40 am.

At 10 am, we were allowed to enter and it was similar to what I imagine a sample sale for a "hot" clothes designer would be like (i.e. mayhem).

Lots of people. Small room. Lots of books.

Thursday night, I prepared this spreadsheet based on my “Want to Read” list on Good Reads:

This is what I actually purchased:

(Nothing from my spreadsheet)

I got all of these for $31, though!

One pile contains books that I have already read but either don’t own my own copy or felt like a second copy would benefit me at some point (e.g. letting someone borrow it).

Another pile contains two books that will hopefully help me in my continuing college career. (nice alliteration Erin!)

Another pile has (two) books that I’ve heard of and want to read.

Another pile contains a couple of books with ideas for science experiments for high school science teachers I am either related to or friends with.

A few poetry books because Cheryl Strayed recommended in her book, Dear Sugar, that 20-somethings should get 10 books of poetry and read them over and over to help expose their mind to the world (or something like that).

Another pile contains a couple of books that will hopefully further enlighten me on the complexities of my mental health. 

Finally, I found a third edition copy of Campbell’s Biology. When I took AP Bio in 2008-2009, we used the sixth edition. I think the most recent edition is the 10th. There are some fundamental things regarding DNA and cells that haven’t changed since the early ‘90s (when the third edition was published) that I would like to brush up on for my new research position.

I would say it was a success!

What did I learn? Don’t let me go to a used book sale if there is a specific book or books you or I want.

If you would like more information about the Friends of the Carrollton Library, please click on this link:

I'm actually considering joining this organization...

Note: Thanks to @jessisreading (on Twitter), I discovered the word, tsundoku. I'm definitely familiar with this affliction.

OMG I managed to put a moving picture thing on my blog!!!! (I think it's called a GIF...)

Note: I used this handy website to ensure I used i.e. and e.g. properly. Hopefully I got it right.

Note: I caved and utilized Grammarly on this post. Do y'all notice any major improvements?

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