Friday, October 26, 2018

Music Connects Us All

Music Connects Us All

            During my really only semester at Cal, I had a group project in the English class I took. Generally, I loathe group projects because I end up doing the vast majority of the work, but that was not the case because, essentially, all my group members were just as hard workers as me! It was awesome! Plus, our topic was Jorge Luis Borges, so it was truly a fun project!
            Since I was 18 and it was 2010, I became Facebook friends with at least two of my group members. One day, I think after the project, it was about 8 PM in my time zone, one of the group members messaged me on Facebook asking me to please vote for her boyfriend’s band in a local (Bay Area) radio contest. Normally, I would ignore such a request, but, seeing as I was working on some class assignment and this was an opportunity to procrastinate, I dove in. I took the time to listen to the music, and to my delight the band was really good! At this time, the band, Finish Ticket, was still ‘a high school band’ – they were formed sometime during their high school career, and their album, Shake A Symphony has more of a ‘teen angst’ feel than their more recent works. However, I thought they were just fantastic!
            Some of my particular favorites from this first album are: Miss Woe, I'm Glad (trigger warning) and Her Way Out. I never got to see Finish Ticket perform in the Bay Area, but they came to Dallas in 2012(?) as the opener for a relatively unknown band, and a dear friend went with me to the bar in Deep Ellum where they played. I was absolutely disgusted to find that about eight young girls were there who seemed to be Finish Ticket’s biggest fans. I kept muttering under my breath “This isn’t a One Direction Concert.” I then penned an email to my friend back at Cal letting her know what had happened at this concert and that, although her boyfriend was nothing but a gentleman, there were gross, underage girls fawning all over him (he’s the lead singer). She sent back a nice response taking it all in good stride and saying it was a sign that they were starting to make their big break.
            She was correct. Finish Ticket’s next album, Tears You Apart, led to them signing with a record label. Some of my favorite songs from this album include: Bring the Rain and Tranquilize. After signing with Elektra Records, Finish Ticket released When Night Becomes Day. Some of my favorites from this most recent release include: Wrong, their hit single: Color, and, my all-time favorite, and a departure from their regular repertoire, the acoustic Never Alone.
            So, why am I touting the greatness that is Finish Ticket? This band, and their music, have followed me from Cal and provided a frequent support and outlet. I have played Never Alone so many times when I have been upset or distraught that I should be paying the band the cost of a therapy session…..or eight. The other songs are, I feel, not only a reflection of Finish Ticket’s journey to find their voices and “groove,” but, also my own identity and sense of place in the world.

P.S. The best live song, by far, is Bring the Rain.

P.P.S. Let me know if you also like Finish Ticket after, hopefully, clicking a few of the links provided!

P.P.P.S. If you want to help make my dream come true, tweet @FinishTicket and tell them to let me, @dionerin accompany them on cello for Never Alone the next time they tour 😉

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