Saturday, January 19, 2013

A Love Story

I have been in a serious relationship for nearly a decade. My significant other and I were first introduced by a mutual friend. Of course, during the “honey moon” period things were great. Everything was new and exciting. We were learning about each other; we were learning how we interacted best. We fell in love.
After awhile, I realized the relationship was going to take work. I wasn’t sure if I was ready for such a significant commitment. I began to let other people get in the way. They didn’t understand the deep connection we had. It wasn’t relatable – it was special.
After a few years, the relationship became the last on my priority list. Maybe now was the time for something magical to happen.
A friend recommended we take time to sit and work out our problems. Before, we had relied on our natural attraction to each other to get us by. We were told that if we really wanted to make it, we had to have an even stronger bond. One that we chose to forge; one that made us want to be together every second of every day.
As we began working together, I became overwhelmed with emotion and the outside stresses that had created a strain on our relationship. Finally, tears escaped from my eyes.
I wanted to run away and hide. Somehow, the bond between us didn’t let me. Instead we continued to interact. He stood by me as I let loose. It was so relieving because I was able to free myself emotionally and physically.
I stopped paying attention to my surroundings and focused on us. What we had become and what we could be in the future. When I felt there was no more that could be communicated, I gently loosened my bow and lowered the endpin. I delicately placed my cello back into its case.
My cello had become a part of my life. We would be together forever.

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